Barkley Lodge



Participants (24):

Curlee Amos, Curlee Durb, Curlee Ellen, Curlee Lil

Francis Mary Lou, Dean Abbey, Dean Karen, Dean Molly, Dean ??

Gillan Pamela, Gossman Judith

Hellan Adam, Hellan Brandon, Hellan Gail, Hellan Rick

Lang Eddie

Mitchell Ben, Mitchell Luke, Mitchell Mimi, Mitchell Sam

Schwabe Andy, Schwabe Danny, Schwabe Mary, Schwabe Rob



Mary Lou was caught in the cross fire when Amos, Brandon, and Andy decided to rearrange ALL of Eddie’s furnature on the hotel room Balcony. This is the first year that we welcomed our newest member to the core group, Danny Schwabe. With much sadness we also said goodbye to Gretchen.