Boulder, CO


Participants:  (45)

Durb Curlee, Ellen Curlee, Amos Curlee, Molly Curlee, Lola Curlee, Maxine Curlee, Marlo Curlee

Marcia Leatham, Dylan Leatham, Lil Leatham, Audrey Leatham, Eloise Leatham

Sam Mitchell, Sarah Mitchell, Marya Mitchell, Jackson Mitchell, Luke Mitchell, Tara Gallagher, Elsa Mitchell, Sam Mitchell, Wizzie Bartley

Rob Schwabe, Andy Schwabe, Jamieson Schwabe, Jackson Schwabe

Janet Mullens Grissom, Tom Grissom

Mike Dubke, Shannon Dubke, Harry Dubke, Sam Dubke

Phil Cooley, Gail Cooley, Brandon Hellan, Declan Hellan, Adam Hellan, Ari Hellan

David Newbuger, Miriam Hacker, Josh Hacker, Julia Hacker, Will Hacker

Hugh Katz, Stephanie

Diane Wolfson

2021 infomation



We returned to Chautauqua for a 2nd time.  A large group of us stayed in the Mission House, a large house with 7 bedrooms.  The rest of the group stayed in the cabins and of the cabins but #6 were cute.  The Mission house’s common space was a perfect gathering place.  If we go back make sure that they do not put you in cabin #6.  Chautauqua is located at the base of the Flatirons and has over 40 miles of trails.  It’s also about 1.2 miles to the Pearl St. Mall.  Chautauqua is proving to be one of our favorite destinations even if cabin #6 sucks.