Ocracoke Island

North Carolina


Participants (13):
Cooley Dagmar, Cooley Gretchen, Cooley Jacob, Cooley Philip
Curlee Amos, Curlee Durb, Curlee Ellen, Curlee Lil
Lang Eddie, Mullins Janet, Mullins Shannon
Tumultee Patty 
Westling Steve 



Ocracoke is one of North Carolina’s larger barrier islands. It is just south of Cape Hatteras and is accessible only by one of three ferries. It was alleged to be the favorite hangout of Edward Teach alias Blackbeard the pirate who was eventually killed just off the island in 1618. It is a favorite fishing location of many and continues to remain in an undeveloped state.
<P>Steve, the boyfriend of Patty, the ex baby sitter of the Curlees was a SEAL and he brought some explosives. One of these he defused and then set off while Eddie was taking a shower. Eddie (much to the delight of the kids) panicked and ran naked into the living room. The weather was very warm Thursday and we swam in the Ocean with wetsuits. Eddie had a kayak and was stealing crab traps. I tried to keep up with him and got caught in a rip tide and nearly drowned. That evening it turned bitter cold and the swimming ceased. (By Phil Cooley).