Pine Mountain State Park

Pineville, Kentucky


Cooley Dagmar, Cooley Gretchen, Cooley Jacob, Cooley Philip

Curlee Amos, Curlee Durb, Curlee Ellen, Curlee Lil

Lang Eddie, Mullins Janet, Mullins Shannon

Mitchell Ben, Mitchell Luke, Mitchell Mimi, Mitchell Sam

Schwabe Andy, Schwabe Mary, Schwabe Rob

Eddie Lang tightroped a cable connecting a large boulder to the nearby mountain. The cable was about 30 feet in length, the same distance as the drop to the ground. On the return trip the wind came up and half way back Eddie went hand over hand. The scene was witnessed by a Scottish couple that was visiting the area. They asked after Eddies sanity. A three state moon was hung by Durb, Eddie and Mimi. I believe Mimi is blessing Tennessee (see Three State Moon).